Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'Walking the Dog'

So here is my (somewhat) finished product of 'Walking the Dog' from that original sketch that I uploaded here. I used my rapidograph pen, some watercolor, and watercolor pencils to create the tones. It could use some more work, and I will upload that sometime soon hopefully!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lil' Red

This is my first assignment for my thesis class. It was to put somebody we know into a fairytale. It's not my favorite piece of work because I don't think I made the person identifiable enough (I KNOW I didn't make him identifiable enough) but my teacher and all of my classmates said it was easy to follow and it all made sense, so THAT I am glad for! I still have trouble with that sometimes. I also like the way I set up all of the panels, which I feel like I need some work on as well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Conformist

This was a totally random assignment from my Literature and Psychoanalysis class from last year (my sophomore year). It was the 'final' for the class, and seeing as we were all art students, she wanted us to somehow represent a character from one of the books we read in the second semester. We could write a 'diary entry' or make some sort of piece about the character. I decided to make a comic that was written like a diary entry! Aha! I'm so good?
The character is Marcello from the book 'The Conformist' by Alberto Moravia. I found this character interesting, mostly because he is tortured on the inside. He has the desire to be violent and to hurt people and things around him, but he knows it isn't normal. He joins the police force which helps him find a way to release all of that desire in some way. I don't remember the entire thing - and we didn't read all of it, but this is mostly about when he was younger and when he was having all of these conflicting feelings about what was wrong and right.

Pinchers for Hands

This is actually my final project from Klaus Janson's class last year (my sophomore year).
The assignment he gave us was to simply do the best page we could ever do for that class, and this was what I came up with. I created the character one day when I was bored in a different class, he actually started out as a Pikachu (believe it or not!). I love it when things like that happen. A drawing starts out one way, but then it drastically changes- making a happy accident.
His name is Derek, and the story is that he is dragged down under the ocean by the two crabs seen above, and is then given pinchers (instead of his hands) to protect the people above the water. It wasn't supposed to be anything, I just wanted to make a humorous 'superhero' story. Hopefully I will get to do more with this character in the future!