Sunday, November 21, 2010


These are not totally finished yet (or at least the pictures are not of the finished product) but this is what I am doing in my Comic Storytelling class with Nick Bertozzi. The class is working in 2 teams on a comic in the style of LC Segar about the BP oil spill. It's an interesting (and a bit confusing!) concept, but it is an interesting learning experience. I know I am going to have to work with people for my job in the future, so we all might as well start now! I had 2 different panels to work on for the project, and they don't connect, so if they don't make sense together, then that's fine :P

More Stuff!

Just some sketches for now! The one pictured above is of some new characters that are in the same vain as Mr. Foxworth and Mr. Turtleton! Their names are Fluffy Dog and Little Kitty! I would love to do some sort of project with them someday! Whether it be comics or books. They are just so much fun to draw.

And these are just some sketches that I was doing during a class one day. Trying to draw monster wolfish characters for my thesis at school, a dragon that I wanted to look like Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon!) and some girl who has a pet armadillo named Gibbons! I would like to use them in a story someday too

Friday, November 12, 2010

"The Yellow Wallpaper"

This was our last assignment for Gary Panter's Storytelling class last year (sophomore), and it was to make an illustration for a book that would theoretically go in a magazine next to the article. My short story was "The Yellow Wallpaper", a story about a woman who is kept in her room with disgusting wallpaper that eventually makes her start seeing things around the yard out her windows.


Yep! Just some sketches from my sketchbook. I feel like I have been doing a lot at school and not posting much, if any, of it. So I figured I would put up some of the fun stuff I have been doing on the side for now! And I have so much more too! I just feel like if I put it all up at once then I won't have any more to show for a while.
Also, I know the drawing right above this doesn't have feet, but I thought it started out I wanted to put it up here anyway XD. It was the first part of my attempt at a 30 day drawing challenge, which #1 was 'draw yourself'. I was also on a Scott Pilgrim kick if you couldn't tell!

The Ragin' Cajun

Aka Gambit! - also, I am pretty sure I spelled Cajun right, if not, please slap me in the face.
ANYWAY, this is from last year (sophomore year) during one of Klaus's classes. Since he is the master of inking he decided to help all of us with our inking skills! I love to ink, and I wish I could do this more often, it was really fun and a good lesson. The above scan is of my ink work on a piece of velum paper over one of the many photocopies that he had brought in for us. Some of it got cut off though in my scanner - woops!

This is what the original drawing looked like underneath!
(I am not trying to steal this person's artwork, I just posted this for show).

This is what my line art came out to look like (in the amounted time we had).
And then I dragged it into photoshop to fix up all of the blacks. Hurrah!