Saturday, May 29, 2010

And this too -

You've all seen this before, but I wanted to post the color one too.

Princess of Power

This was my very first commission from my previous employer at St. Mark's Comics. It was a birthday present for his wife (they had an inside joke about how she did SO much knitting). Anyway, this was done about a year ago, but I thought I would put it up here anyway.
The top version is the original, and the bottom one was edited in photoshop to look nicer.


So, here is yet another comic from my storytelling class. The prompt for this assignment was an exaggeration. I like the way I drew the car...because I am bad at drawing cars :P

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love technology

Man, I definitely need to get my scanner working correctly. Last night and today were a mess.
Let me just start by saying that I HATE being late for things - I really don't like it at all, and today was supposed to be the debut of my first comic on The Modern Look , but seeing as my scanner pooped out on me, I had to take a couple photos and mess with them in photoshop, which made everything take EVEN LONGER.
Now, I took classes with Klaus Janson, which taught me even more about being late and how it was bad for your reputation. But while getting ready to send away my comic that I had been working on - my scanner decided it didn't want to work for me. So that was when I decided to take the photos. Ugh, what a nightmare.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

These Guys are Hardcore

Not my favorite of my colorings, but it wasn't so bad so I thought I should put it up. I have posted the original for this on here already, so you guys should know what's goin' on!

Bed Time for Mr. Turtleton

Here is Mr. Turtleton's very first comic (all to himself!). And I know this may seem familiar...I had totally forgotten that I had already made a comic of Mr. Foxworth running through his house and going to sleep as well. Let's just say this at at the same time as the other one then - they match! I also ended up coloring it for my Digital Coloring final for class. I hope everyone likes it! (The original project was 'Mise en scene' for Gary Panter's storytelling class).

And also - HURRAH found my flashdrive!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Sorry :c

Hey everyone, sorry that it's been a while. I have recently moved back home from school for summer break, so everything is packed away somewhere in boxes! Which means that all my scans are somewhere in those boxes on a flash drive :/
I will be attending to that soon though, more content needs to be posted up here.

IN ANY CASE - you should all check out The Modern Look, it's a great site that has lots of interesting articles on it, and I will soon be their new comic artist! I will be the illustrator, while my good friend Mr. Jon Gorga will be the writer! So yeah, you should all check it out because you love me. We should be putting up new comics in a short while!

So don't worry! I will update shortly - but for now, here are some cute pictures of my cat Miso. *as seen above*